Tan “Bye Bye Blackbird”

Let's give Tan from Thailand a big round of applause for being our new Harmonica Studio Legend of the month! He has put the time and effort into learning  jazz harmonica and made a ton of progress! He is also a professional French Horn player.

Give him some support in a comment below:)

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  1. Good one…I hear all those II-V patterns…wow you are really getting good…
    all that hard work is paying off!!! Do you play jazz on the french horn as well?

  2. Many Thanks to Yvonnick and All.
    To Jeff, yes, I first started to play jazz on a french horn in a dixieland group.

    Also Happy harping to all.
    Take care and Cheers.

  3. Sounds great, Tan! This is one of the tunes I’m working on as well, and you’re a step ahead of me!