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Hey! I’m glad to have you here and I can’t wait to guide you through Harmonica Studio. There are two ways to go through the courses on this website.

  • Pick and choose your courses based on your interests in the Course List page. This is also great for review or a specific area of focus. You will be able to earn rewards as you complete courses, login into the site regularly and participate in the forum areas.
  • Join the Harmonica Certificate Course, which includes all of the Jazz Courses, Musicianship Corner, Scales & Modes and Fundamental Techniques. After completing these courses you will be eligible to submit certificate course performances for review. 


Song Requests / Transcriptions

For those of you interested in getting music sheet with tabs for the song or harmonica solo of your choice, this service can be purchased here!  Enter the infos below to get started:

Do You Offer One-To-One Lessons?

Yes I do 30min and 60min private coaching through Face Time, Zoom or SKYPE. Your video chat lesson will be audio recorded and emailed to you . Book a lesson here.


How to Ask a Question

I will answer related harmonica questions only in the forum. Private questions through the chat are for account and memberships inquires.

How to Post a Video

  • From Youtube 

All you have to do is place the full url of the video you’re trying to embed directly into your post.

  • From Vimeo

Go to the video page on Vimeo and click the “Share” button. Then you can copy the video url (try the embed code if it doesn’t work) and paste it into your post.


Levels & Difficulty

The courses are displayed on the Course List page by level of difficulty from beginner to advanced. The Fundamental Techniques course is intended for the absolute beginner. If you have just started learning chromatic harmonica start with the Chromatic Harmonica Fundamental courses. Most of the courses are growing even after you have received a badge for completion. I will keep adding new lessons regularly and extend already created courses. Each one can take anywhere between 3 months to 2 years to complete, depending on your current level of playing, your approach and the time you dedicate to practice.

When a Lesson is a Lesson “Complete”?

The best would be to spend some time on a lesson. The goal is not to mark “complete” and move on to the next as fast as you can.  Your brain has process the new informations through slow repetitions and conscious effort. Some advices to get more of each lesson: 

  • Practice an exercise at different tempos 
  • Play the example perfectly 10 times on the harmonica
  • Transpose it in various registers when it’s possible
  • Transpose it in a a few other keys
  •  Sing each note in tune
  •  Learn the music by heart.

Remember, in any courses, marking a lesson “Complete” simply helps you track your progress. You can go back to these lessons as many times. Take your time to assimilate each new information.

Playback Speed

Video Player: You can slow down or speed up any video using the speed control built in the video player.

Audio Player: You can slow down .5x  or speed up up to 2x faster any audio track any video using the speed control on the right side of the audio player.

Harmonica Tabs

() The number between parenthesis indicate a draw note.

The sign + in front of a number indicates the slide is in.

Moving Back from a Lesson to a Course

Turn HS into an App

Here is how it works. To have Harmonica Studio icon on your iPhone’s home screen

  1.  Open up Safari and load Harmonica Studio website.  At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a share icon which shows a picture of an arrow in a square.
  2. Tap to this icon and then tap  “Add Bookmark”

Tap the share button

Click on “Add Bookmark”

HS icon is on the homscreen


Reset Password

  1. Go to the reset password page
  1. Enter the Harmonica Studio account email address  or username you are trying to recover.
  2. Type a new password

How to Login

Harmonica Studio limit login to one device at a time for a user. If same user login from another device, that user won’t be allow to login.

Cancel Membership

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your account page. After cancelling your subscription, you will still be able to access your account through the end of your billing cycle.

Pause Membership

You can cancel but you can also pause your account for 3 months (you can come back any time within that time period). Please go to and you will see a Cancel link next to your current subscription. When you’re ready to come back to the Academy you can use the link above again and simply select the Resume option. Once your account is paused and you have reach the end of your payment term then you’ll not have access to anything except your account page.

Upgrade Your Membership

If you decide that you’d like to upgrade from the current membership you are on, simply log in your account, go to the Subscriptions tab, and then click the Change Plan link.

My Payment has Failed

If you pay by credit card and you know that your card details have changed then you can go to your account select the Subscriptions tab and you should see a link to ‘Update Billing Details’. Once you change your card details your payment will be processed immediately. 

If you pay by PayPal please ensure that there are adequate funds in your account so that payment will go through when payment is tried again. Unfortunately there is no way to change when PayPal will attempt to take payments, or to push the payment through earlier.

Payment will automatically be tried again by our payment processors 4-5 days after a failed payment, but you will lose access to the Harmonica Studio until payment is successful. 

If your subscription is cancelled due to failed payments, you will need to sign up with a new subscription if you would like to regain access to Harmonica Studio.

Please contact me if you have any further questions about failed payments.