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  • I’ve been playing diatonic for 4 years and continue to although I’ve also started playing chromatic 2 years ago. I prefer chromatic but am frustrated with it from time to time but keep on trying anyway. (I’ve memorized 14 songs which I run through daily plus Yvonnick’s lessons.) I am retired and no longer am involved in technology so I don’t post…[Read more]

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    I had the same answer to wj but hadn’t logged in so it won’t recorded. What are windsavers and are they on all the reeds. I just got a new Suzuki Chromaticica and am having a hard time with upper register notes 9 to 12. could it be windsavers? I didn’t have the problem with my Hohner Discovery

  • rond posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    What Hohner chromatic is it ? I have a Discovery 48 with a sticky slide but by pressing hard on the end it works fine. You say low C I assume you mean 1 blow which is middle C on a 12 hole key of C. Otherwise I assume you have a 16 hole chromatic. Good advice can be had on Youtube try Hohner chromatic harmonica repair or get in…[Read more]

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    @yvonnick-prene Sorry to have bothered you. The problem is my outdated computer. I have ordered a new one but it will be a week before it’s delivered so I’ll be absent from the site until then

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    @yvonnick-prene Contact section doesn’t work (keeps telling me to fill in required fields which I have done) so section Blues Scales and Riffs also has problems I could get Easy Blues and L icks in A but the others don’t play instead “unsupported viewing environment” displays. Otherwise really enjoying the classes Ron

    • I’m sorry you have these difficulties. I have switched to your account but it looks like everything is fine. I have never heard about “unsupported viewing environment” till now. Could you try login in from a different device maybe another tablet phone or computer?

  • My name is Ron. I live in the Chicago area and have been playing diatonic for 5 years. I’ve taken lessons at Old Town School of Folk Music and on line lessons Howard Levy and lots of Youtube No one I find offers Chromatic lessons until I found Yonnick’s site by buying one of his books. I’ve been enjoying the class immensely and learning different…[Read more]

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    @christian_mascret Thanks but still doesn’t work. I logged out of everything then went back on later. Same problem can’t get into Contact. Appreciate the response though

  • rond posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    @yvonnick-prene On theUnlocking the Chromatic Scale at 47 seconds you show the C as a 5 blow. At 4:44 seconds you show the C as a 4 blow. I think it’s better to show as a 4 blow then start the next octave at 5 blow. This may be a small thing but for a complete beginner it may be a problem. really enjoying the course . Ron

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    @macdjerf Good to meet you. By chance I was in Stockholm and Malmo earlier this year, also Copenhagen, train from Helsinki to the arctic, twice to Norway so we love Scandanavia. I’ve played diatonic for 5 years and a year with the chromatic. Looking forward to lessons with Yvonnick. I live in the US nearChicago

    • Hi Rond! I´m not so sure of how to handle all the things here, I´m old as a dead stone! 🙂 If you´ve been all down in the south you have been where I live – pity we didn’t´t know then. I have played for a bout a year now excluding my playing when I was very young. Chicago I lovely – nice people, nice music and good food!

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  • rond posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    @tanakrit I have the same as you a Hohner Discovery 48. I also had a Swan 16 hole but sent it back after a week. Do you have a problem with the slide sticking? Mine sticks every day and sometimes I have to use my palm to force it down. It sounds OK but I hope to get a better one in 2 months. Ron

    • hi again, No I didn’t have any issue with my slide. I use my French horn’s vales oil. which is good for lubrication. which is very light oil.
      Perhaps you can try using the same idea. or maybe clean your mouth before playing ,make sure that no more sweet things in your or throat. these might help. Tan

  • rond posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    @tanakrit Glad to meet you. Your Blusette sounds really good. I’ve been playing chromatic about a year and am self taught until now. I’ll try and post something in the next few days after i learn to navigate the system. Until then Ron

    • Thank you very much, I am also self taught until I get in this Studio. Its been my pleasure to get to know you. Hope you have fun and enjoy learning and playing a Chromatic Harmonica. If you don’t mind, may I ask what brands or model of Harmonica you are currently use?
      ( My first one was a chromatic Harmonica from China, ” Swan” with 10 hole)


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