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    In the major scale arpeggios, upward downward Bmaj, I believe the 6th note should be G# and the 8th note C#. They are written as naturals. Also, I asked earlier if it is important to play the notes as written in the tabulature as I play a Seydel Saxony in orchestral tuning.

    • Thanks for letting me know Robby about the scale. The harmonica tabs are written for classic chromatic harmonica tuning. It will not work with a Seydel orchestral tuning as it starts with a G on the first hole.

  • I play a Saxony with chromatic tuning, so the holes on my harmonica don’t correspond to the holes specified by the tabulature. I have been ignoring the tabulature and playing from the musical notes. But I have noticed that sometimes the tabulature calls for alternative positions for some notes–such as (+4) for C rather than 5. Is it important…[Read more]

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  • Hello, my name is Robby. I’ve played around with the diatonic harmonica since I was 10 years old–that was more than a half-century ago! About 4 years ago I decided to get serious. I taught myself to read music on the chromatic and began practicing almost daily. I’m hoping this course will take me up another level.

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