• johncudd posted an update 1 month ago

    Mauny, thx for your comments. I enjoyed your Feb. Challenge submission. How long have you been playing?

    • Mauny replied 1 month ago

      Hi John. Thanks for your compliment. I started at age 9 playing folk music on a diatonic harmonica. That was in the late Fifties. I discovered the Blues in the 80’s, and after a few years of studying, I started sitting in with Blues players, and going to jam sessions. I also discovered that some Blues songs were accompanied by a chromatic harmonica. Once I learned to play on the chromatic, I started thinking about what else I could play on it. That thought stayed with me, but I didn’t explore the possibilities until recently. So, in summary, I am new to Jazz, and I am hooked! It’s a new and a long journey, as I am also dabbling in Classical music. How about you? Been playing long?