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    Hi Tanakrit, i saw you playing the Hohner Discovery 48. How do you like it ? I think of buying it because i often practice late in the evening and someone told me this harp is not so loud. Thank you ! Greetings from Harmonix !

    • Hi, in my opinion, I think discovery 48 is quite good. Yes, it is not that loud. I have been using it for a year (I guess) and I enjoy playing it. it sounds okay to me not to good not to bad. So yes, I would recommend it. but if you looking for some woody sound maybe try chromonica series of Hohner, maybe super chromonica or 270 model.
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  • Hello everybody,

    the monthly challenge is a good idea ! For me it was very motivating because at the moment i practice the course on “All the things…” and this is hard work for me (chords, arpeggios…). So it feels good to play a nice sounding solo after having finished the other video lessons. So thank you Yvonnick and please show us some…[Read more]

  • Hello everybody, hello Yonnick,

    my name ist Björn, I live in southern Germany (Black Forest). I am happy to have found this site because in the past I tought myself the harmonica onlly by books and by ear.
    I am very interested in Jazz music and improvisation but never found a harmonica teacher in my region. I have some knowledge about chord but…[Read more]


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