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    - "Freddie Hubbard’solo on Birdlike has become a staple of jazz trumpet repertoire. In this lesson you’ll see how it sounds on the chromatic harmonica and learn a couple of phrases from Freddie’s improvisation. […]"View

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    - "@tanakrit Hi Tanakrit, i saw you playing the Hohner Discovery 48. How do you like it ? I think of buying it because i often practice late in the evening and someone told me this harp is not so loud. Thank you ! […]"View

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    - "@yvonnick-prene I had the same answer to wj but hadn’t logged in so it won’t recorded. What are windsavers and are they on all the reeds. I just got a new Suzuki Chromaticica and am having a hard time with upper […]"View

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    - "@jeff-pittson super video of Olivier Ker ourio very meaningful"View

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    - "@yvonnick-prene Hi Yvonnick! I saw you on youtube and you are as always very impressive. I have been able to start playing again after a long convalescence. All the best Mac"View

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    - "@chalberk Very good playing on your video ! BRAVO !"View

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