• chalberk posted an update 1 year, 10 months ago

    Here some Jacob do mandolim music called Gostosinho , i was practicing a capella in a empty room with full reverb , im still practicing that song

    • Good tone. You tongue block right ?

    • not that much actually , in that particular song which is very fast im not able to tongle blocking because there are too many notes on the melody, also i beleive that the original song is even faster. there is a style which i recommend to listen, its called Chorinho , its a brazilian rythm very melodic and rythmic.
      lets stay in tune my friend

    • Gonzalo,
      Really enjoyed your rendition of Gostosinho…very inspiring! Nice to have the natural reverb of the room too!
      Very tasty!

    • Thanks Jeff!!

      Now im working on Blues come down the seine, i hope I can upload it to share and ask for tips ,etc…
      Best regards from Brasil