• chalberk posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    @laurentharp Hi Laurentharp , how are you ?
    I was checking your videos , they sound good , i like to play overblows sometimes but i prefer to play chromatic , i took 3 months lessons with howard levy and once i opened the show for him year 2006 , i was amazed with his technique and music vocabulary but there is one thing that I notice in new overblowers generation and its the tuning , i know is hard but i guess its a matter of practice hard on the overblow notes in order to be tuned.
    Lets keep in touch and lets keep having fun with the harp.

    • Hello Chalberk
      That’s exactly the point. Now that we know the technique better, we are improving in terms of sound of the the overblows, but the tuning accuracy is a challenge. Not only on the overblows by the way. The regular bends are also difficult to hit perfectly in tune.
      We know it’s feasible: Sébastien Charlier, Jérôme Peyrelevade demonstrate this daily. That’s one of my main goals these days.