• chalberk posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hello chromatic fellas:

    Hope you are doing well, my name is Gonzalo Araya ,im a chilean harmonica player that lives in Brasil for a while.
    I love chromatic harmonica and i fell a deep respect to the instrument because I can feel how difficult is to master the instrument.
    I sign this course to learn more about improvisation. I like jazz but i prefer some good bossa novas and chorinhos , I just love the thing with different rythms and here in Brasil there are too many rythms all over the country.
    If somebody wants to share some ideais feel free to drop a message.

    Best regards and lets keep working on the chro


    here is a link of me playing a song from Nelson farias, hope you like it , i think my improvisation was not that good , but i will continue studying