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10 Jazz Standards for Beginners

Here are some popular jazz standards for beginning improvisers. These tunes are well known and regularly played in jam sessions. They are great for learning how to improvise because they have fewer chord changes, a couple of tonalities and usually easy melodies.  10 Jazz Standards for Beginners Ain’t Misbehavin’A medium tempo swinging tune written by

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SPAH 2019 Harmonica Festival

I just came back of a week of performances and seminars at Spah (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica), the largest harmonica festival in the USA. I can’t thanks enough Hohner and the great people at Spah for invinting me this year.  I played in duo with Avi Rothbard on guitar an

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Chromatic Harmonica Buying Guide

If you think you can use grandfather’s harmonica that has been sitting in a closet for 25 years, it’s probably not a good idea. Chances are the harmonica you kept for years may have sentimental value for you but may also be rusty, smelly with a cracked wooded comb and, therefore, not 100% playable. Remember

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40 Songs You Should Learn

Over many years of performing in New York City at social and private events as well as clubs. I started creating a list of songs that I have been requested to play from clients and bandleaders who hired me. Generally you will be asked to play Franck Sinatra’s hits, Duke Ellington’s, Jobim’s and Stevie Wonder’s

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18 Chromatic Harmonica Videos to Inspire You

Listening to other harmonica players will truly inspire you to challenge your, practice harder, learn different musical styles and start practicing new techniques you had never heard before.  I have chosen top harmonicists  from all over the world from Stevie Wonder to Hugo Diaz. Of course this list is not exhaustive, I would love to

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Menuet Arranged for Two Harmonicas

Here are two harmonica parts Menuet. The upper voice is written in regular C clef whereas the lower part uses the bass clef, F.   Let’s listen to the piece entirely. The complete performance with both voices  Erratum: The last section starts with 5 (+3) 5 (5) (+5) and +6  Now we’ll practice each part separately. Let’s begin

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5 Practice Tools for Harmonica Players

In this post we’ll talk about my favorite learning tools that can be used to make your harmonica practice time more productive. We’ll review two apps, a set of headphone, a portable keyboard and a small portable recorder. I believe these tools will facilitate your day-to-day learning process while being easy to use and mostly

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My Top 5 Toots Thielemans Albums

There are so many great Thielemans records but I have decided to attempt to come up with a definitive list of the 5 best of all time. Click on the photo to listen to the album. 1-Only Trust Your Heart, Concord, 1988  Only Trust Your Heart” is Toots Thielemans’s first album that I listened to when I

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5 Mistakes Made by Chromatic Harmonica Players

I would like to talk ab​out five most common mistakes made by harmonica players.1) Blowing and Inhaling too hard Most likely, after you’ve picked up a harmonica for the first time and started playing the first bottom notes, I’m sure you probably thought your harmonica was broken and you were ready to ship it back to

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