Learning with a clear goal and deadline will boost your motivation to practice consistently and ultimately will lead you to become a great harmonica player. That's why I have created the Certificate Program, a challenging and flexible curriculum that includes courses on harmonica techniques, jazz improvisation, sight-reading, and ear training. 


The JHS Certificate Courses are available to both monthly and annual members: to apply for the certificate, you must be an annual member.  In addition, the applicant will have to complete all course lessons in the program certificate  or earn at least 10 badges,  after which you are  eligible to submit certificate course performances for review.


Receiving the certificate involves the submission of several jazz interpretations and pieces of repertoire in video or audio format. This is done to evaluate each student’s competence as a harmonica player, check on his or her overall progress and assess his or her direction and development. Checkout the Final Examination's page.