Yvonnick Prene is the founder of The New York Harmonica School. He is also the author of 13 books available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback.

"I would like to inspire everyone to reach their maximum potential and play beautifully"

100 Jazz Patterns for Chromatic is the ideal book for beginner harmonica players seeking a well-organized, easy-to-follow encyclopedia... 

Knowing your major scales is an essential tool for any harmonica player interested in improvisation...

This book presents to chromatic harmonica students a carefully graded collection of the world’ s finest classical music...

In Yvonnick Prene’s Bluesette: Jazz Improvisation Guide, you’ll learn the Improvisation devices.

You will learn the best easy Blues licks around and study the style of harmonica masters such as Little Walter, James Cotton and JJ Milteau!

Improve your jazz improvisation by learning the bebop scales on your chromatic harmonica.

Beginner chromatic harmonica players will enjoy this selection of 50 famous songs written in solfege and tablature notation. 

Following the success of 100 Jazz Patterns for Chromatic Vol 1, this second volume contains brand new patterns, exercises and scales.


In this book, we discuss method for learning jazz standards as well as various improvisation techniques, utilizing scales and arpeggios.

This book showcases solo transcriptions and themes from Yvonnick's critically acclaimed albums "Breathe" and "Wonderful World".


In this book I'll show you how to play the 12 melodic minor scales throughout a variety of exercises.

Beginner diatonic harmonica players will enjoy this selection of famous songs written in solfege and tablature notation.

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