Fundamental Techniques for Chromatic Harmonica

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Whether you're just starting out or want to refresh the fundamentals to make sure you haven't missed anything critical that could slow your development as a chromatic harmonica player, this course is for you!

We all have been a complete beginner at some point in our harmonica journey and this course is designed to give you all the info you need to get familiar with your instrument, beginning with playing simple tunes.

In This Course You’re Going to Learn:

  • Where the notes are on the chromatic harmonica
  • How to get started with inhaling & blowing properly
  • The rookie mistakes to avoid
  • A couple of songs to get you started
  • And a lot more...

Ready to get into it? Let's dive in!


( ) The numbers between parenthesis indicate a draw note.

+ The sign “plus” in front a number indicates the slide is in.


  1. Yvonnick Prene

    A very good course that I will want to come back to and re-practice several times.
    The exercises are very good and also quite challenging for a relative beginner.

    I enjoyed this course very much and I like the bending lesson very much, excellent teaching.
    I finally got the hang of bending notes.


  2. Yvonnick Prene

    and very useful interessing but the last exercise I did not understand very well maybe because my English is so base and try to understand when you talk, I am missing something

  3. Yvonnick Prene

    Thank you for this course, does it exist somewhere in this site a pdf file whith all the courses ressources in a same file ?

  4. Yvonnick Prene
    Yvonnick Prene Post author

    Thanks Andre. If there is a pdf to download it will be featured on the lesson or a course page.