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The Bebop Scales Ascending


The Bebop Scales Ascending

Now we are going to add the various bebop scales to our arsenal. As you learned, we’ll use the major bebop scale on the major chords. What differentiates this scale from you typical major scale? It has a chromatic passing tone between the fifth and the sixth, which is Ab in C major.

The bebop mixolydian scale is like your normal mixolydian mode but with a chromatic passing tone added between the seventh and the tonic. It’s usually played on both the II and V chords, in a II-V progression. The melodic minor bebop scale has a chromatic between the fifth and the sixth scale degree, the same as the bebop major scale, which is Ab in C minor.

We’ll play the minor bebop scale on the minor chords and bebop mixolydian on dominant chords. Now let’s play an ascending bebop scale starting from the root of each chord.



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