Course List

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These courses cover the essentials that every chromatic harmonica player needs to know.  If you are just getting started, make sure to go through the Fundamental Harmonica Techniques course, from beginning to end. Remember, in these courses, marking a lesson "Complete" simply helps you track your progress. You can always watch the lessons as many times as you want! 🙂


The Sight Reading Challenge course is designed for beginners and will teach you how to sight-read standard notation. In the Ear Training Exercises course you will develop skills to recognize pitch and identify chords. I recommend completing them before beginning the jazz courses.


Scale practice is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of practice and technical development. These courses are fundamental for any musician regardless of instrument.


The Easy Folk & Traditional Songs and French Songs are arranged by level of difficulty with each containing different musical and technical challenges.


Blues is at the root of all 20th century's popular music from Jazz to Rock. Gaining a solid grasp of the blues language will expand your vocabulary and make you a versatile harmonica player, ready to tackle any musical style. In these courses you will learn blues riffs, complete tunes and the blues scale in all 12 keys.


These courses are designed to teach you how to play jazz on the chromatic harmonica . You will practice jazz standards, improvisation devices, learn solos by jazz masters and a lot more!


Harmonica Studio Podcasts features interviews with top notch chromatic and diatonic harmonica players from all over the world.


  1. This course has been a very good investment, well put together and contructive As good as attending music school..

    Always updated with new material and great for revision.

    I look forward to continuing my studies with Yvonnick Prene Harmonicas School.


  2. I joined in September 2020. It took me many years to finally discover a thorough Jazz course at an affordable price. Yvonnick must have spent hours, if not months putting together a fantastic course with theory, demonstrations, play-along exercises, and song analysis. I am progressing through it all in small bites, and am very pleased with my progress.


  3. Yvonnick, Thank you for doing all the work of putting this program together. I am benefiting. I am improving my technique and better able to read music. Slowly, I’m learning to do the 12 major scales, intervals, inversions. I’m loving the program. Thanks again.