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These courses cover the essentials that every chromatic harmonica player needs to know.  If you are just getting started, make sure to go through the Fundamental Harmonica Techniques course, from beginning to end.

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The Sight Reading Challenge course is designed for beginners and will teach you how to sight-read standard notation. In the Ear Training Exercises course you will develop skills to recognize pitch and identify chords. I recommend completing them before beginning the jazz courses.


The courses are fundamental for any musician regardless of instrument. You will develop your technique and solid musicianship. 

The Minor Pentatonic Scales
 The Major Pentatonic Scales

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The Easy Folk & Traditional Songs and French Songs are arranged by level of difficulty with each containing different musical and technical challenges.


Blues is at the root of all 20th century's popular music from Jazz to Rock. Gaining a solid grasp of the blues language will expand your vocabulary and make you a versatile harmonica player, ready to tackle any musical style. In these courses you will learn blues riffs, complete tunes and the blues scale in all 12 keys.


These courses are designed to teach you how to play jazz chromatic harmonica and are required in order to pass your final examination and complete the Certificate Program.

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