• Hey Jamme welcome back! I’m looking forward to listening to your playing. Mike Turk is an awesome jazz chromatic player and I hope he’ll be on the podcast sometimes this year. I enjoy as well Chez Toots specially “Under Paris Skies” Sous Le Ciel de Paris”, great mix of accordion and harmonica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aOQbq3lD9U

  • Bonjour Cojan and welcome back! I’m looking forward working with you

  • Good info, Mauny – I will check that out – especially the toolkit. I have so screwdrivers and a very small file – you almost have to be a machinist to play this instrument – some people even change their own reeds. I have not yet gotten to that level of obsession/courage, though. Hohner also has some online videos on youtube re/tuning that are…[Read more]

  • Mauny replied to the topic Harmonica Maintenance in the forum Harmonica Forum 1 week ago

    Harp unstrung (cool name), you are welcome. I never attempted tuning up reeds. I had taken a workshop with Lee Oscar some time ago, and he included tuning instructions during the two days. He sells a nice tool kit, that I use to adjust reed gaps, and for cleaning both reeds & valves. I used to play mainly diatonic harmonicas at the time. I never…[Read more]

  • stephen.shirmer started the topic CD. in the forum Harmonica Forum 1 week ago

    If your doing this course…just back from holidays and have

    Yvonnick new CD…New York Moments….

    Ive all his music, in my listening ears…this is his best CD to date with a mix of blues
    on track 1O is great to have a fusion of blues and jazz on his new disc.

    Good blowing

    Bonne annee 2O2O…stevie

  • Thanks for posting this – very helpful, Mauny. I have also been tempted to immerse my harmonica and other more radical steps to deal with the wind savers. Tuning is another quirk of this instrument – I have a couple of CX 12 harps I play – and find that removing the casing to tune them gives a different reading on an electronic tuner. I…[Read more]

  • Hard to pick and Yvonnick Prene favorite, also – here is a top candidate – sit back and feel the love!

  • Hermine is amazing! She popped up in my youtube feed about 6 months ago and wow – it is hard to pick a favorite, though – just found this one – enjoy!

  • johncudd posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    I just looked at the Cm harmonic scale on the new page (in process). You say in the last sentence that the harmonic minor scale has b3, b6, and b7. But there is a typos here. Harmonic minor scales have a nat 7, not a b7, as your examples correctly show. It’s a nice lesson, with more keys to come

  • Hello, I am back after a long week away in France. It is with great motivation that I resume my harmonica lessons in the company of all the harmonica players. See you soon. Sincerely.

  • Hi Yvonnick,

    Is there a problem with this link? I had posted a piece back in December. Since then, I haven’t seen any other showcase posts, nor any comments. Everything else on your course program works well, and I am plugging away with your lessons and exercises. In fact, I have printed a whole lot of exercises to work on while I am not able…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Yvonnick – I am also looking forward to working with you – I already feel my playing (and reading) improving from the exercises you have posted. I was first introduced to your amazing playing (I think it may have been 10 years ago now!) by postings on youtube from @Christian_MASCRET (and have also enjoyed his postings/playing as well!)…[Read more]

  • Mauny replied to the topic General Questions in the forum Harmonica Forum 1 week, 3 days ago

    This has helped my a LOT! Thank you. I have been wondering for YEARS why my harmonicas were rattling, and sticking. Now, I either use a heating pad, a heating case, or just put the harmonica inside my shirt, or coat – voila! Problem solved. Wow, so simple! Merci a tout! Mauny M.

  • Hello Todd, thanks for joining Harmonica Studio. It looks like you have been playing for a while. I’m looking forward listening to you soon and following your progress.

  • Hey all – I play chromatic – CX 12 Hohner is my preferred – I love jazz, latin, swing and also play fiddle and dobro (a variety of slide guitar) in a couple of bands here in northern Vermont and am looking forward to learning technique and working on my sight reading in particular.


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