18 Chromatic Harmonica Videos to Inspire You

Listening to other harmonica players will truly inspire you to challenge your, practice harder, learn different musical styles and start practicing new techniques you had never heard before.  I have chosen top harmonicists  from all over the world from Stevie Wonder to Hugo Diaz. Of course this list is not exhaustive, I would love to hear your suggestions to grow the list in the comment below!

Toots Thielemans, "Three and One"

Harmonica: Hohner "Toots Mellow Tone"

Stevie Wonder with Sting on "Brand New World"

Hugo Diaz "Grandes Obras"

Larry Adler "Night & Day"

Adam Glasser

Harmonica:  DM48 Lekholm

Claude Garden "The Garden's Concert"

Robert Bonfiglio "Documentary"

Laurent Maur (Big Maurice)

Harmonica:  Hohner Amadeus

Gregoire Maret, "Manha Du Sol" 

Harmonica: Suzuki Gregoire Maret Signature

Filip Jers "Poiska efter J. Bruunn (Trad)

Harmonica: Suzuki SCX 64

Olivier Ker Ourio "Garden Volkan"

Harmonica: Hohner Super Chromonica

William Galison "The Nearness of You"

Sirius Harmonica Ensemble

Hendrick Meurkens "Samba Para Claudio"

Harmonica:  Hohner Super Chromonica

Cy Leo "Showcase"

Harmonica:  Hohner Super Chromonica

Gabriel Grossi "O Amor em paz" by Tom Jobim

Harmonica:  Suzuki SCX 64

Philip Achille "Take Five"

Harmonica:  Suzuki SCX 64

Antonio Serrano "Zyryab"

Harmonica:  Hohner  Super Chromonica

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