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Welcome To My Harmonica Studio 

I will help you learn the chromatic harmonica faster and play better.

Step By Step Courses - Direct Feedback - New Lessons Every Week

Welcome To Harmonica Studio 

I will help you learn the chromatic harmonica faster and play better.

Step by Step Courses - Direct Feedback - New Lessons Every Week

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Below, are selected complete in-depth courses, including videos, audios, pdf's, live backing tracks,

harmonica tabs and music sheets. Learn at your own pace, our course dashboard will keep you focus with new courses added all the time.

seydel harmonica jazz

Whether you're just starting out or want to refresh the fundamentals to make sure you haven't missed anything critical that could slow your development as a chromatic harmonica player, this course is for you!

jazz improvisation harmonica

Yvonnick takes you through a series of exercises focused on scales, arpeggios and a host of melodic and rhythmic phrases. Develop your chops for Jazz improv fast!

chromatic lessons

Blues is at the root of all 20th century's music from Jazz to Rock. Gaining a solid grasp of the Blues language will expand your language and make you a versatile harp player, ready to tackle any music style.

harmonica beginners

Learning patterns is key to help build your jazz vocabulary. Yvonnick will demonstrate some of his best phrases over major, minor, dominant, diminished chords as well as II V I progressions.

Jazz, Blues, Pop, Classical Harmonica lessons

This course will take you through music styles including Folk, Pop and Classical pieces with solfege and tablature. 

...With New Courses Added All The Time...

chromatic harmonica courses

I now play daily and improved by leaps...

"I love Yvonnick’s new site! Well worth the minimal fee for the membership seeing all the material I’m getting :}} I now play daily and have improved by leaps and bounds. Sign-up and join me for discussions and progress reports!"


learning harmonica

I have immersed myself into the Harmonica Studio...

"My name is Glenn Firester and I'm a jazz drummer, chromatic harmonica player and reluctant piano player. I have immersed myself into the Harmonica Studio as a means to learn more techniques, phrasing and  musical vocabulary. Yvonnick is on the leading edge of Jazz Harmonica as demonstrated from his amazing body of recorded work. He is truly an inspiration and his website provides all the building blocks and tools to improve everyone's playing. I highly recommend you check it out!"

GLENN FIRESTER  //  HS Academy Member

harmonica student

The most valued harmonica instructor in the world...

"Relevant chromatic harmonica lessons from the most valued harmonica instructor in the world. I would greatly recommend Harmonica Studio to anyone who is learning chromatic harmonica as a beginner, intermediate or even advanced levels."

TOMASZ JANOWSKI  //  HS Academy Member


Showcase your playing, discuss topics in our forum, participate in our "Monthly Transcription Challenge" where you will develop jazz vocabulary and train your ear.  You'll connect with harmonica players from all over the world.

scales arpeggios harmonica


  • Learn at Your Own Pace and Practice Smarter From the Comfort of Your Home
  • A One on One Experience to Help You Becoming  a Solid Chromatic Harmonica Player
  • Practical Strategies to Improve Your Playing 
  • Hundreds of Exercises in Harmonica Tabs and Standard Music Notation
  • New Lessons Each Week
  • Monthly Challenge (Optional)
Hohner Chromatic Harmonica

Who is Yvonnick?

Ever since moving to New-York City from his hometown Paris, France, composer and educator Yvonnick Prene has fast become one of the rising stars in the harmonica world. He has recorded with top Jazz artists like Chris Potter, Pasquale Grasso, Peter Bernstein and toured in the USA, Europe and Africa.

Yvonnick was already playing the harmonica professionally at the age of 17, in Parisian club scenes. He later earned a master’s degree in music at the Sorbonne University in Paris, in 2011 and while still enrolled, he moved to New-York City to receive multiple full-tuition scholarships at the City College of New York, Columbia University and at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. 

Yvonnick is the founder of New York Harmonica School, author of multiple books, Hohner Artist, bandleader of the Yvonnick Prene quartet and Padam Swing. He is currently based in Manhattan, New York. 


Our courses may not be for everybody. Make sure before signing in to check out the list below and see if you are ready to get your playing to the next level.

who harmonica studio is for

  • Eager to learn new songs and harmonica techniques.
  • Interested in finding how you can improve your solos
  • Dreaming of playing with a band 
  • Looking to learn how to improvise
  • Interested to receive feedbacks on your playing

who harmonica studio is not for

  • 100% satisfied with your actual level
  • Stuck in your ways & happy to play the same way 
  • Too busy to get involved
  • Willing to pay thousand of dollars over private and  school and university jazz courses.                                      
chromatic harmonica player

I'm improving my playing day by day...

"Finding the Harmonica site of Yvonnick Prene is truly one of my really great joys. The Harmonica studio is giving me a superb training structure to follow in playing, and I now practice the harmonica daily and I'm improving my playing day by day! ”

MAC DJERF  //  HS Academy Member

Chromatic Harmonica player

It has motivated me to up my game, practice daily...

As a professional jazz pianist and chromatic player for the last 25 years, I am very excited to be studying at Harmonica Studio. It has motivated me to up my game, practice daily and determine to play gigs.  This is a groundbreaking and Innovative school founded by a great teacher and musician.  Five stars!!

JEFF PITTSON  //  HS Academy Member

I am very pleased with my progress

I joined in September 2020. It took me many years to finally discover a thorough Jazz course at an affordable price. Yvonnick must have spent hours, if not months putting together a fantastic course with theory, demonstrations, play-along exercises, and song analysis. I am progressing through it all in small bites, and am very pleased with my progress.

MAUNY  //  HS Academy Member

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